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To read UEVR’s official docs by Praydog, go to UEVR.io here:

UEVR - Transform Unreal Engine Games into VR Experiences

Website to view & download profiles (not always as up to date as the Discord)

UEVR Profiles - Find your favorites UEVR Games Profiles!

A great showcase of UEVR by BeardoBenjo

UEVR is HERE and it Just Changed VR Forever! // THOUSANDS of New VR Games? Hype or Legit?

What Is UEVR?

UEVR is a New Free and Open-Source Tool / Framework That Brings 6DOF VR to almost every Unreal Engine 4 & 5 game.

SteamDB shows that there are over 11,000 Unreal Engine games on Steam (and there are many times that distributed in other places like Itch.io, etc.) Imagine if you could, for the first time, step into thousands of rich AAA worlds and physically walk around in them and experience them as if you were really there.

UEVR works on a universal level and out of the box and doesn’t contain any code about a specific game.

For many games, you can just press “inject” and start playing. There is a lot that you can tweak though (and that could make some people just want to wait for a profile to be made and be certified as “the whole game working well in VR” before attempting to play it themselves.

We do have an app / website in the works that should make knowing what games to play and how well they work in VR easier. Until that releases, you can also view our spreadsheet and the Discord for games that have been tested and find profiles to download for each game.

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1. Quickstart Guide Video