Note: not all games will have workable results. Some games just load you to a camera position, but isn't attached to the player. Additional modding is almost always required to create a good VR port. That said, let's get started! Some games (like Firewatch or Risk of Rain 2 that I tried work REALLY well in VR out of the box. The more games that can be tested, the more we can build up a catalogue of what might be worth further modding to create a polished VR port)

If you're looking for the Risk of Rain 2 VR mod, do not download the mod below, you just need to install the mod here:

VRMod v1.1.1

Automated Process

If you want to automate the process below, you can now download this BepInEx mod.

Simply extract it to the base of your game folder and run it.

As an alternative, you can also use


Manual Process

Okay! To get started doing it manually,

First, download and open UABE

Release UABE 2.2 stable d ยท DerPopo/UABE